Monday, March 6, 2006

Saturday I got to see Voxtrot along with Kid Theodore (whom you may remember from just last week) at Kilby Court in Salt Lake. It's a tiny old garage, but is probably my favorite local venue. Both bands impressed me:

Kid Theodore with their variety in songwriting and fervor,

and Voxtrot with their charm and pretty guitaring. Upon first listen they've got a great 60's pop thing going on, but live they had a depth that really pulled me in. I'd forgotten where they were from and had picked a different country of origin for each perfectly slightly unkempt band member, ready for endearing accents, when they reminded us that they're from Texas. I picked up their brand new Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives ep featuring the song below, which I've been enjoying all day and which you can preorder here and receive it earlier than the April 4 release date. While you're at it pick up Raised by Wolves.

mp3: Mother, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives - Voxtrot

In spite of it all, I feel in a bit of a music slump, like I should be going really crazy about something and I'm not. Which is maybe why you're just getting one song today. But surely something is waiting for me. What will it be next?

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Anonymous said...

guess who!?

nice review and photos. it was great meeting you and dirk and libbie! i got to talk to the voxtrot guitar player, who was really kind, and he said to be on the lookout because they are going to be doing a live performance on kexp within the next couple days. see you later, hopefully sooner than later.