Saturday, December 15, 2007

If you're one of those people who reads this just for the music or whatever, then you're probably not actually reading right now, just searching for mp3 links. But I'll still warn you that I'm about to get sappy and spiritual for a sec.

Tuesday was pretty sad because I had to say goodbye to my friends Niccole and Tim who were moving back to California. They are family to me and I already miss them tremendously. One way I know of Heavenly Father's existence and understand that he knows me is that he places the right friends in my life at the right times. There is no way that I could meet and come to love these people other than that He makes it possible. It happens again and again in every city I live in and at different periods in my life. Knowing it can happen again makes it a bit easier to say these goodbyes. So does having my plane ticket to California for January.

See, my friends even let me go on dates with their husbands when they're out of town.

Don't worry. See how innocent it is?

And they let me put flaming sticks in their ears.

And they dress me up as a vampire, but you don't need to see those photos.
And so many more things for which I hope they all realize how thankful I am.


Kurt said...

I'm a Farmington resident that hits the music blogs for the mp3 action, but I was glad to find your blog that matches some of my musical tastes AND my churchier self as well. I will continue to lurk.

Caulfield said...

This is my favorite post. I guess it appeals by my "churchier self" as well. But seriously, I was touched.