Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad, lazy blogger. Rather be making stuff, like these.

my 1st quilt

for baby ren

My first quilt, for Alison & Sam's Baby Ren. The machine quilting is super sloppy but I'm still happy with the outcome.



Needed a new pin cushion and something to do while I hung out with my Mom tonight. So I raided her 30s reproduction stash and vintage buttons and whipped this up. The pattern is super easy and from this book by the genius of Purl.


Brooke said...


Are you sure you didn't make that quilt for me?

I'm heading right over to stolenpony to see more stuff now.

Kathy said...

Something comes to mind about apples falling from trees. Love the quilt, adore the pincushion.

Mike & Shelby said...

a woman of many talents....

be expecting an email from me sometime this weekend. (a more uplifting one this time, I promise)

Cody & Jessica said...

So i think that's the cutest pincushion i've ever seen :)

Matt said...

i love that quilt - keep up the great work!