Monday, December 26, 2005

Songs of the Year Part III: Dartk edition

Heaven knows I owe a sizable portion of my listening to a certain boy sometimes called Dartk. I just said heaven knows. Hm. The following are some of the standouts of his influence on me this year.

Mp3: Feet & Hands by Fannypack
I'm pretty sure that if I had been living in the NYC this would have been my summer '05 anthem. "Ugly people be quiet now!" may be one of my favorite lyrics of the year.

Mp3: Parapaleejo by BC Camplight
aka Brian Christinzio of Philly. Maybe the catchiest track of a sometimes campy sometimes twee album that deserves not to be compared to anything.

Mp3: 49 Percent by Röyksopp
Gey euro diskoteque and sad sad boy both at once. A really good acoustic cover of this would be interesting.

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