Wednesday, January 25, 2006

dear lacquer. where did you go? love jo.

So a while ago I fell in love with Lacquer, great electroclash from I don't remember where or how or why. I know I once visited their website, but have not since been able to find it again. I have their 2003 album Overloaded and "Behind" is probably on every dance compilation I make. I could make stuff up and say they're from France and on Kitsune but then I'd be making stuff up. So if anyone can tell me anything about them, especially if they have more stuff that I need, let me know!

Mp3: The Host - Lacquer

Mp3: Behind - Lacquer


Germ said...

YES, "Behind" had that time-lapse video about these guys driving cross-country from LA to NY. Awesome song.

David Adams said...

The music for the "Behind" video was hard to find. Website gone, no itunes, only used albums on uk websites and your links to the songs are dead.