Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Elected

My hard drive is full and my ipod is broken which means I'm a bit slow with the new music game for a few days. So I decided to post the most played song in my itunes which turned out to be "Greetings In Braille" by The Elected. I got obsessed with this song last winter and listened to it as I froze on my way to class every day. This song also seems appropriate today with the release of their new album Sun, Sun, Sun in one week. If I was super cool I would be posting an mp3 from the new album, but like I said, I'm behind. But what I have heard of it I like, so pick it up. If you don't know The Elected (which I'm not sure you couldn't with all the attention Rilo Kiley has been getting) then I'll tell you that it is the side project of RK's Blake Sennett. If that doesn't make you want to listen to them, do it anyway. Since "Don't Blow It" was just a few more down on the most played list, I'm including it too.

Mp3: Greetings In Braille - Elected

Mp3: Don't Blow It - The Elected

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Tal said...

keep these posts coming, fresh or not, i like it.