Thursday, January 12, 2006

Goddamn Electric Bill

thanks, mattyLately I find myself liking music that I can easily imagine in a really good movie. I don't know what's going on in this movie, just that I'd watch it if it's got music like, say, Goddamn Electric Bill. Goddamn Electric Bill is all the work of Jason Torbert and I find it all just dreamy. This is a version of "Lost in the Zoo" that is not incredibly different than the original, just some heavier percussion, and a perfectly fitting Breakfast At Tiffany's monologue layered on there.

Mp3: Lost in the Zoo (DJ Egadz Remix) - Goddamn Electric Bill

The Only Power to Please EP is out now and a full length is coming soon, which I predict will be smashing. Watch the video, listen to more, or buy the ep here.


Anonymous said...

if it wasn't for me there would be no thursday slot.


Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with Goddamn Electric Bill.

This is Megan.

Rami said...

What a great find. I love this stuff.

Terry said...