Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shy Child

shy child
I first listened to Shy Child because they'd been described as "urgent, indie electro," and that's all I needed. Urgent is certainly accurate. Whereas the Pas/Cal track I posted last week feels like it lags behind the beat, Shy Child often seems to be racing ahead of it. I had a hard time choosing a track to post with all the goodness on One With The Sun, but went with "Technicrats" because of the irresistable crunchy synths. But don't miss out on the rest of this album.

Mp3: Technicrats - Shy Child

Also, I've been freaking out about Hot Chip's "No Fit State" lately and thought about posting it but Occam's Razor got to it first so go check it out over there!

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Tal said...

hah thanks. no fit state is indeed fabulous. and so is shy child. but a bit less. all in all, i expect good things from both.