Thursday, February 9, 2006

Scottish Darlings

I've been wanting to talk about Beat Trap for a while but I wouldn't have it without Mitch's savvy so I've asked her to write today's post about them. What she doesn't mention is that upon her inquiry to the band about buying the album, the lead singer Fraser burned her a copy himself and sent it gratis because it was their first request from the U.S. We're still not sure how to buy it, but at least you've been warned to keep your eyes open. Here's what Mitch had to say:

I heard a sample of Beat Trap on one pod of a pair of borrowed earphones. Since they're based in Scotland and not yet distributed in the U.S., it took a while to get their music. But it finally arrived and was worth the wait.

Nightlife - Beat Trap
You want a life that's different...
Let's drink Cairn o' Mhor
Let's go out

Cairn o' Mhor is a tonic wine from Perth, Scotland.
Cleverly, it's pronounced "care no more".
When you drink it your worries go away.

Intelligenstia - Beat Trap
This has a regimented tone that I find appealing.
Maybe it makes me think I can march my way into the intellectual elite.
Plus, it has the perfect beat for running.

You can spit on me
Just as long as you let me in

Someday I will see Beat Trap live. Apparently the guitarist has some great moves.


Kraigg said...

Cool site.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the beat trap a few times in Glasgow and they're one of the best live acts in Scotland at the moment. Just cheeky enough to evade cockiness, and tunes that you can really shake your bum to.