Monday, February 13, 2006

Walter Meego

My fatal flaw might be that I have to listen to something kind of a lot before I can decide what I think of it. Which slows me down from posting stuff people send because I want to keep mtm to stuff I genuinely like, regardless of where it comes from. Anyway, I finally heard this Walter Meego song and its remix a few times, without even knowing what it was at the time, and I love it. They've opened for the likes of Tom Vek, Caribou, Cut Copy, Supersystem, and Hard-Fi in their hometown of Chicago, if that helps. They've got a single out in March and a few downloads at their site so check them out. I also love "Weekday" which you can get there, and seems to either be an ode to or mockery of junior high days as the only lyrics throughout the whole thing are pretty much "let's go to the mall, let's go to the arcade" and "trading our tokens for games."

Mp3: Through a Keyhole - Walter Meego

Mp3: Through a Keyhole (Walters Robot Mix) - Walter Meego

buy their ep, singles, mix tape, etc.

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