Friday, March 10, 2006

live and majestic

It's never too soon for another Belle & Sebastian mention. Mitch, who saw all three B&S shows in the NYC last weekend sent this link to their Monday show in D.C. on NPR. You can download the mp3 of the entire show or just stream it. New Pornographers' set is there as well. It has me all sorts of anxious to see them next week in L.A. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's show from Wednesday is up too, though I don't see a download link, just streams.

Around the time I was first listening to If You're Feeling Sinister a lot I was also listening to Majestic, a darling band from California with a happy retro pop vibe. Fans of B&S and The Beach Boys should like them. Here's a few to sample.

mp3: Sunday Driver - Majestic
A classic from Wake Up, Come Out and Play! which you can actually get on Amazon.

mp3: Sadie Law - Majestic
This instrumental is just over a minute long but it is perfection. From Live It Up! which I'm a bit more partial to.

mp3: Nyra and Michelle (Jai Alai Remix)
Years later, Dirk found some mix cd of vague origin in the bargin bin at the Lincoln Center Virgin and I freaked out to see this remix on it.

I don't know what Majestic are up to lately; maybe someone can fill me in.

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Anonymous said...

props to morgan bassett for sending me the link-mitch