Wednesday, March 8, 2006

oh, regina

I am so excited to hear two brand new tracks on Regina Spektor's myspace. "Fidelity" has got cheery plucky strings and drum machine behind her vocal trickery and I already like is as much as almost anything. "Better" is more like Regina's version of a traditional guitar-driven indie tune, with less piano than we're used to hearing from her. Just now as I listen to these two I'm thinking that Regina could totally write a Broadway show. Maybe an autobiographical musical about gallivanting around the Bronx or something. Somehow I see her songwriting translating to theater. eh?

I went through a serious Regina phase a while back. More than that. I went through a serious phase with each song on Soviet Kitsch. I love what she says and I love how she says it. "Maybe you should kiss someone nice, or lick a rock, or both." Good advice, Reg.

mp3: Ghost of Corporate Future - Regina Spektor

Begin to Hope is out May 16 on Sire.

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