Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Remix Tuesday: b-b-Beth Orton

I'll be honest. I was so tired last monday I was just going to blow the Beth Orton concert off. And I like her... a lot. Then my friend Kathryn came through with FREE tickets and well I rarely say "no" to free show. I am very glad I went. She is great live and the new album is good. But, does anyone else out there think that the new album is SO QUIET? People keep saying to me "oh ya, it's mellow." NO, I mean what are you singing beth? Am I deeef? I knew that my anti-earplug attitude would catch up with me but really... I have to crank it. While I am complaining... Dear Beth Orton crowd, you totally sucked! Love Dirk. I was irritable I know. But the bermuda triangle of drunk ugly love at 2 o'clock, some little girls on my back screaming about a stolen bike during a quiet song, and a middle aged corporate "what's this chicks name again?" herd at 9 o'clock, I was maybe gonna have to exit this world.

I enjoyed Willy Mason, the opener, and Beth is great live. Here is "Shopping Trolley", a song I really enjoy off the new album Comfort of Strangers. Also the Roots Manuva Mix of "Daybreaker. I like that Beth is signed to Astralwerks (one of the best labels in my book) because all these great remixes are out there. Also, for fun, "Witness Dub" by Roots Manuva. I have always loved this song and Chris of B&S played this in his afterparty set last weekend and it is what got us off our feet and onto the dancefloor (weird dance corner is more like it).

mp3: Beth Orton - Shopping Trolley
mp3: Beth Orton - Daybreaker (Roots Manuva Mix)
mp3: Roots Manuva - Witness Dub

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! that crowd, give me a break. one part that does need mentioning is the helpless young man in the wheel chair who was completely stuck next to the enormous beverage wielding, spiky haired, crapbag lovers screaming at and fondling everything around them. please recall his oh so HASTY exit. man, they sucked. but beth most certainly did not.
love kathryn