Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Easter is not about zombies."

Sorry for the delay today. Looks like things are normal again and links are worky.

The Elected have kinda gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to Rilo Kiley side project attention. Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett may have released their albums on the same day to keep them on the same schedule so they'll be ready to work on RK again at the same time, but Jenny stole the spotlight. I'm not saying it's undeserved attention, I love her. But hey guys, look over here at Blake for a minute! I've already talked about my love for The Elected's first album, and on the new one Blake gets more confident, though he still comes of as incredibly modest in interviews. And I love the slide guitar. I've been waiting to see them play for a while, and last night I got my chance. They're about to wrap up their tour, so if you haven't caught them by now here's what you missed.

Jake of Neva Dinova played a solo set, which was hilarious, partly from what I assume was drunkennes. I don't even remember much about his songs though, other than that they were all the same slow tempo. Not that they weren't enjoyable, but the cover of "House of Pain'' was most enjoyable.

Eventually the crowd mellowed out since the young kids who came for the local openers didn't even know who The Elected were and left before their set. As we waited, conversations could be heard all around about people's favorite episodes of Salute Yours Shorts. The set was polished but natural, and made me just wanna go hang out at an old cabin on a lake with my Grandpa. And wear Blake's shirt and hat. Sometimes it seems like little Blake's hiding something, but is letting us in on it whenever he screams, which he seems to do more than I've noticed on recordings. Really all I can say is that clearly, he chose the right profession, and another side band or two wouldn't hurt.

Lately all my pictures have the same corrugated green plastic backdrop, but I swear there's more than one venue in Salt Lake.

mp3: The Elected - Fireflies in a Steel Mill (Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic)
mp3: The Elected - It Was Love (Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic)

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