Wednesday, April 19, 2006

finals=not the last lame post

Ok so I don't have any actual final exams, but that doesn't mean that things aren't totally crazy for a phd student at the end of the semester. If only I livejournaled. Oh gosh. Anyway, I was just thinking how bored I am with everything lately when I realized that Coachella is only 10 days away. So I put together a Coachella playlist to get me excited and plucked a few good'ns to share.

mp3: Stellastarr* - My Coco
mp3: TV on the Radio - Satellite
mp3: Mylo - Drop The Pressure
mp3: Wolf Parade - You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son
mp3: Minus The Bear - The Game Needed Me


sissyneck said...

i didn't know mylo was playing cochamella...i just started listening to their album a couple of weeks ago. "drop the pressure" is second only to the track that samples from that boy meets girl song. maybe they'll bring boy meets girl to coachella to sing that line over and over again.
have you ever heard daft punks "bigger faster stronger"? it's got some of the same sweet vocoder highjinks as "drop the pressure.

Anonymous said...

minus the bear pwns. 1337 style.