Wednesday, April 12, 2006

hold your breath and count to three

I would refrain from talking about The Knife again so soon except you're all loving them as much as I am so it doesn't matter. I finally had some time to listen to the new album Silent Shout and I'm not disappointed at all. They've done the soundtrack thing but I'm ready for them to write their own screenplay. The chorus of "F as in Knife" is a bit promishly cinematic, and then there's the dark video for "Silent Shout" which will run in an endless loop if you let it on It's kind of like when I was 5 and was afraid to go see The Neverending Story because I actually thought it would never end and I would be stuck in the movie theater for eternity. It's true, I did. Anyway, the video was in part inspired by the graphic novel Black Hole about teenagers whose STDs cause them to mutate. Rad.

So here's a standout track from Silent Shout as well as a Röyksopp track with vocals we had freaked out over last year and just now realized are Karin's. Durd.

mp3: The Knife - Like A Pen
mp3: Röyksopp - What Else Is There (Radio Edit)

p.s. those masks Karin and Olof are wearing are reminiscent of some of the headwear in the new Franz Ferdinand video for "Jeremy Fraser", which is probalby the most brilliant music video I've seen in a long time and a bit of a departure for them. Watch it!

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