Tuesday, April 25, 2006

remix tuesday

I haven't been freaking out over any new remixes this week. What about you guys? What have I been missing? In the mean time, here's a little chain link for you comprised of a few acts you'll be enjoying this weekend if you're heading out to the SoCal desert: Mylo remixes Scissor Sisters who cover Franz Ferdinand who get remixed by Daft Punk... now I just need a Daft Punk/Mylo mashup.

mp3: Scissor Sisters - Mary (Mylo Remix)
mp3: Scissor Sisters - Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand cover)
mp3: Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)


Anonymous said...

are you really sure about that "daft punk remix"? i cant imagine them just slapping on a distorted line like they used half a decade before the franz song was released and calling it a remix.

jo said...

well i can't say i'm positive. the source was franzferdinand.org

Brenden said...

I would say that probably isn't a Daft Punk remix... they have lost their edge a little but I, a bedroom producer, could do better than that... and I know I'm not better than Daft Punk... unless that is Daft Punk.. in which case I need to go get a record contract lol

Australiandave said...

yep that's Daft Punk alright.
They covered up their laziness by claiming that seriously, what could they do to improve that song?
Which is a good point mind you.
But theyre still cunts these days.

Anonymous said...

it is defo daft punk - but i assume what they have done is tightened up the song so it keeps the same tempo throughout the song - ie. can be beat matched for those that dj - so more of a re-edit rather than a remix.......