Saturday, April 1, 2006

t to the w

When you first heard about that band that had a tap dancer instead of a drummer you thought, that's silly. But then you listened to them, the sounds of a hipster campfire, and you sang right along. By now Wild Like Children is one of your very favorite albums of the last three years. And live they're even stronger than they are recorded. They kinda force you to drop the pretension and just really enjoy yourself. Thursday night we provided backup yells and hand claps like our dirty indie souls depended on it. We got a preview of the forthcoming album Bottoms of Barrels, and from the tangos to the ballads, it's gonna be killer.

Band huddle before starting things off. Tender.

The boys were ga-ga over Kianna and Neely. Probably the girls too.

Jamie, the percussionist.

Not just a mic'd dancefloor, but stomping boxes for all the girls. I want one too.

Derek sounds like the happier older brother of Conor Oberst (who's label, Team Love, they are on).

It's so appropriate that Tilly usually closes with "Nights of the Living Dead". It's so tooty of me to even mention it, so I'm not going to quote the end of the song, you'll just have to listen.

mp3: Tilly and the Wall - Nights of the Living Dead
mp3: Tilly and the Wall - Shake Shake (from the out of print ep Woo!)
mp3: Tilly and the Wall - Perfect Fit (Every song on Wild Like Children is my favorite, but today this is the one I can't get outta my head.)

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Anonymous said...

holy moley! I didn't even know they were playing! dangit!!! I miss everything.