Thursday, May 25, 2006

myspace doesn't suck

It's always nice when a band who tries to add you on myspace doesn't suck. Not that I don't think it's great that everyone's in a band, I just don't want to listen to everyone's band. Actually having a music blog sorta obligates me to do just that, and sifting through not-so-good is what makes finding the so-good rewarding. So I'll restate. I don't want to listen to everyone's band more than once. Just wanted to be fair. Anyway, on myspace it's only every once in a while that waiting behind the pretty picture and clever name that got me to the page is something worth listening to again. Here's one I've been listening too all week: this is a French kid who I know nothing about other than that he's French, a kid, goes by Oni, and has a cool song. It's simple, no vocals and not much to the drum machine, but it works. Fans of Lo-Fi-Fnk and Mylo might find it just as catchy as I do.

mp3: Oni - Everyday

You can also hear a remix on myspace.


Jude said...

Ditto - and Seconded, Thirded, and Fourthed!

Thanks so much for posting this mp3 - I can't find anthing else on this guy anywhere! :)

Anonymous said...