Wednesday, May 17, 2006

teeter, tatter

Tilly & The Wall's Bottoms of Barrels comes out next week and you've heard a lot of it already, but for releases I'm really anticipating I've been tryin not to spoil the excitement of the first cd play too much. I got mine last week thanks to Team Love and their early shipping and what do I think of it? Well this is another album in a string of releases by bands I adore that haven't quite lived up to the high expectations they've previously established. I say this knowing that I will eventually come to love the entire album, but right now there are several standout tracks and the rest make me a bit bored. There is a good range of stompers and weepers, fuller sounds and stripped down tracks. I can tell that they've tried to step up the songwriting on this one, and in cases like "Bad Education" it absolutely works. The lyrics are a bit more sophisticated too ("Lost Girls" is an exception). But here's the thing, my dear Tilly, you didn't have to try any harder to please me. In the end, I'm still excited for this album and I'm listening to it a lot. People seem to either love or hate them, but anyone left stuck in the middle should see them live to be convinced. New summer tour dates have been announced, and if you haven't seen the new site, which isn't that new anymore, check it out cause it looks soo good. "Black and Blue" snuck up on me as a favorite with the "I want to know everything about you" hook, so here it is.

mp3: Tilly & The Wall - Black and Blue

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