Tuesday, July 11, 2006

remix tuesday or "things are so much better when people look pretty"

Oh gosh. I'm so easy. By special request, today features this "Silent Shout" remix. I need not say any more about The Knife at this point, so here you go.

mp3: The Knife - Silent Shout (William Acidic Circuits Remix)

In unrelated television watching, tomorrow is the premiere of Project Runway Season 3! Watch contenstant videos here. I picked my favorite last season (Daniel V) just from his audition tape and that turned out pretty well. This year based on the videos alone (reading bios is just too much effort) I'm already liking Bradley and Keith quite a bit but the whole lot of em seem like great characters. And to make this music related, here's that song they play at the end of the episodes. The first half is some foofy crap, but then in the second half that sad "you have to clean up your work space" piano kicks in.

mp3: Project Runway - Breathe On Me

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Rindu said...

Hi JO,

the link to Project Runway's farewell theme - breathe on me didnt seem to work. I'm desperate for this song.

Can you email me the file to rindu.team@gmail.com ??

wud b forever grateful