Monday, August 7, 2006

the futureheads w/ tapes n tapes

I saw The Futureheads and Tapes 'n Tapes last Thursday in Salt Lake City. I was curious to see if TnT would live up to all the hype of a few months ago and I gotta say, they finally won me over. They seemed a little awkward at first, maybe it was the tiny crowd. Eventually they loosened up enough for some major rocking and even a little bum slapping.

Observations from The Futureheads' set:
They can all pull off black jeans.
Those punk roots really come out live.
That guitarist on the left is a Colin Meloy lookalike when his glasses are on.

For me two marks of a good show are when you can really tell the band is having fun, and when you leave with new favorite songs. Both these bands did both. Here are the new favorites:

mp3: Tapes 'n Tapes - 10 Gallon Ascots
mp3: The Futureheads - Thursday

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Anonymous said...

I saw Tapes n' Tapes open for a band called "The Slats" back in Minneapolis last January. They sure have come a long way. I did find this stuff below on "The Slats" MySpace....

Perfect Porridge said, "With tracks ranging from Beastie shout outs ("Boom Patrol") Malkmus indie guitar nods ("I Wrote the Code") and shout along anthems ("I Will Erase You"), Boom Patrol might just be the next big thing to come from the Twin Cities. And that would totally redefine what people think of Minnesota nice."

Left of the Dial Magazine said, "You almost have to love any band that names their van “Robocop Killer” and hails from Minneapolis [...] with plenty of nods to The Cars, Spoon, Polvo, and Brainiac/Enon. “Ironman” does a fine job laying down the quirky and clanky, art-house aficionado, post-consumer culture hootenanny, all mishap metal, as if C3PO was trying to play CBGBs."

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