Tuesday, September 25, 2007

not bored

The content of this blog might be a little less frivolous if it wasn't for my field of word. As a PhD candidate in psychology, some of the most interesting things that happen to me and that I think about are related to seeing clients as a psychotherapist. But of course, because of confidentiality I just can't really talk about those things. Not that I really want to, keeping that world separated means less stress. It's just weird sometimes how my life is these two extremes: indulgent frivolity/quiet academia and seeing the dark places of people's minds and pasts. Not to be grim--everyone assumes it's such a hard job but it's actually amazing to see how resilient humans are.

Really that's just the preface that makes me feel less silly for reminding you that America's Next Top Model cycle 589 has started. As usual I'm rooting for the smart girl who as usual claims to have auditioned as a joke. She's got a great long face and long horse-book-girl hair. It's just too bad Spontaniouse didn't make it to the final 13, with a name like that you know she'd bring the drama. We'll have to settle for Tyra's deluded singing attempts and the fallout of Heather's Asberger's. Maybe the show's not as far from psych studies as I thought. If you really don't care but you've read this far, I hope it consoles you to be reminded that a new cycle of ANTM means Project Runway is not too far behind.

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amy said...

i love you and your writing. When I was typing that, a piece of paper just fell off my bed between the heavy, heavy frame and the wall. I'll never see it again. Hope it wasn't important. Anyway, you rock. But you probably know I was thinking that, what with your ability to read minds and all.