Wednesday, October 31, 2007

more than milk loves phcy® loves laika

My favorite Italian clothing maker without a store in the States celebrates the space trip of Laika and nicely summarizes lifts from wikipedia her story.I don't think anyone in Milan even reads this blog. But it's fun think about history that's referenced in pop music.

mp3: The Cardigans - Laika

Ha! You though I was gonna post Arcade Fire. You all have it. If you didn't know the story of Laika before, go listen to the lyrics of "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" with your new knowledge (knewledge).


Anthony Nguyen said...


I was just curious to where I could find that artpiece you have in the background of your avatar?


Jo said...

well i took the photo of a stencil on a building in williamsburg, nyc and it's probably gone now though i haven't checked recently.

Anonymous said...

hei, i'm from reggio emilia, 140 km from milan!

Jo said...

yay! greetings to reggio emilia!