Thursday, October 25, 2007


Recently in my neighborhood:
In my mind Dexter's driving. Why is he being so careless?

mp3: Komeda - Dead


clara said...

dear jo,
oh my gosh, do you watch dexter? i thought jacob and i were the only two people who watch and i wondered how it got a second season. mystery solved: there's a third watcher.
love, clara

Jo said...

dear clara,
it's because of you! and my sister. rosie watches too. so four. four! she'd tell you that herself but she refuses to read this blog. because of the words. she chooses nonreading over blood. can you bewieve it? i haven't said that word in years. it's like old times.

clara said...

dear jo,
"bewieve" is very old timey, indeed. rosie may be on to something with that no-reading thing. that reminds me: do you remember what it was like not to be able to read? weird.