Saturday, November 17, 2007

Heart Attack On The Dancefloor

Last night I did something new and exciting. I went to a show by myself! There was a time when I never would have, but living in NYC makes you lose some qualms about doing things alone and I wasn't about to miss of Montreal. I ended up getting chauffeured to the front door by Ams and Kent who yelled motherly admonitions out the window as I scampered in to catch the last ten seconds of MGMT. Grr. (Damn you, In the Venue for having totally inconsistent scheduling practices [and douchey employees, and for hating the internet, and phones].) On the bright side, Grand Buffet were much better than I had expected.

Luckily I ran into Jory and Josh afterwards and we ended the night with Wendy's and leftover streusel. But I learned that shows alone can be much more fun that I would have thought. Which is really a credit to of Montreal. And now I'm newly infatuated with Kevin Barnes. He would get this boyish grin like he was so pleased we were enjoying ourselves so much and that expression just made me so happy. Oh and he claims he's seen Saturday's Warrior twice.

mp3: of Montreal - Misgusings (new song, live)
mp3: of Montreal - Rapture Rapes The Muses (DJ Dave P. & Adam Sparkles Making Time Remix)
The bridge in "Rapture Rapes the Muses" always reminds me of the chorus of Franz Ferdinand's "The Dark of the Matinée."
mp3: Franz Ferdinand - Matinée (Headman Vocal Remix)


Cody & Jessica Peters said...

Hey Jo! I just saw your comment on my page! I really like reading your blog; it's way interesting. I'm totally impressed by you knowledge of music and everything else. It'll be fun to keep a little more in touch through blogs :)

Andy said...

Hey, how do you upload links to songs and stuff? I really wanna learn how to do it. Thanx