Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Project Runway Predictions

Tomorrow the glorious day for season 4 of Project Runway finally arrives. I like to make snap judgments, so I haven't read contenstant bios but I have decided a few things based on their photos.

These two will be least crazy.

She will bite someone.

He will yell a lot.

She will put too much fringe on everything.

As a team these guys will win The Magician and His Showgirl Challenge but in an upset lose the Salt 'n' Pepa Comeback Tour Costumes Challenge.


Tawny & Jess Reagan said...

Yae! I'm so glad you found my new little blog page, it will be fun to keep in touch this way! I love your stuff, I could read it for hours, espetially the "love" quote page... I like laughing at such simple yet obscure things. It makes me want to meet your friends...

Jory Dayne said...

I dunno Jo -- I'm willing to bet they could win the Salt N Peppa Comeback tour challenge with the clothes off their backs, completely unaltered. I think are actually wearing clothing from a Salt n Peppa tour IN these shots.

But I am with you 100% on the fringe and the biting, and that biting will be done in the most Jersey way possible. You should really watch her little interview vid. GUTTER.

And I think Rami will not yell so much, but will rather give you the ICY ISRAELI treatment -- cutting remarks with lilting british accent, completely devoid of temper or emotion.

Jo said...

they pretty much are wearing the salt n pepa costumes, which is why it will be such an upset when they lose!