Saturday, November 10, 2007

slc is movin on up

First Ikea, then Cheesecake Factory, and now Urban Outfitters (and soon American Apparel and Whole Foods!)  Yesterday I got a little backstage sneak peek at the Urban that will be opening at the Gateway in Salt Lake City next Thursday November 15. I respect company wishes so there are no photos from inside, but the place is huge and looking ready for ransacking. Tim and I went in to help with the insane prep they're doing to get the store ready. You don't even want know what I did for seven hours. It bordered on retail Twilight Zone. But ok, pretty fun too. I have to say, the handy man construction worker type guys that work for Urban have tighter pants, more hair product, vintagier shirts, and thicker rimmed glasses than any handy man construction type guys you'll ever see. The mood was slightly frantic in anticipation--I hope you all go in Thursday to see their hard work and buy lots so Dirk gets good opening numbers.

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Kathy said...

Good luck Dirk!