Saturday, January 26, 2008

Besties of the Week

Lots of little things made this week lovely.

Best thing Niall made me buy:

Tom's Cinnamint toothpaste: yum and no tongueburn

Best treat:

Flattened banana from Trader Joe's + German chocolate in the same bite

Best compliment-getter:

my MAC Mattene lipstick in Orange Dare a la Chloe

Best listening:

Of Montreal covering M.I.A.
mp3: Of Montreal - Jimmy (M.I.A. cover)

Swimmer One: part Swell Season, part Cut Copy
mp3: Swimmer One - Largs Hum

Best visitors from London:


CircleCircle said...

thank you for the Jimmy cover

Mike & Shelby said...

Oh, yummmm...sorry, I was so distracted by the banana and idea! (I miss Trader Joes!)

(Side note-Lauren just saw Eclipse on your rotation and said, "Mom, that's your book! Poor thing-my face was hidden in it's cover for three days after it came out. I am a total Edward fan! It takes a few weeks after finishing one of the books to get him out of my dreams at night!)