Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let's catch up on the last few weeks. I...
watched BYU win by a fingertip in Vegas, then celebrated,

had the traditional Christmas candy gorge in Idaho,

won the first annual Make Dad Cry On Christmas contest (thanks, iPhoto),
made some discoveries when home in the OC:
While antiquing, found an ominous note on Raggedy's belly.

Then, spotted high up on the wall of a bank in Orange:

It says, "I pulled it off." Who knows? But with a little human tower we did, and Brynn kept the reward. Too bad she doesn't have her own blog or she could have told you all about it herself.

Then noticed this when driving by my old high school. Really?
And I got to hang out with Brooke which was a total treat.

Like the procrastinator I am, I have a 2007 musical recap post in the works and it's now the second week of 08. Well, soon enough.

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