Monday, February 4, 2008

cheating on leopard

I've been scheming for a week to get Windows on my Macbook Pro so I can watch stuff online on Netflix, which idiotically doesn't support use of their online viewing on Mac OSX. I figure if I had actually paid for Windows and Parallels which I'm using to run it, Netflix would owe me $300 as that's the only reason I would ever dream of having to use Windows at home. At the very least, they should be offering discounts to their subscribers who are Mac users who can't access this feature that they're paying for. I've sent them some emails about this without even the standard customer service practive of a response that the email has been received. Maybe they need to hear from more of you. Contact Netflix here if you are both a Mac and Netflix user, because although otherwise Netflix is super, they are cheating you.

The good news is, until Netflix fixes this oversight, I now have Windows on my Mac!

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