Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello, Christopher Robin

If only every sweaty long-haired dude in his basement sounded as good as you.

mp3: Christopher Robin - Vision 2020
mp3: Christopher Robin - The Forest
mp3: Christopher Robin - Always


Caulfield said...

Isn't Christopher Robin the name of the character in House At Pooh Corner? (One of my all-time favorite songs of all-time.)

Jo said...

Yes, Christopher Robin is the name of the little boy in the Winnie the Pooh stories. Must be who they names themselves after, which is lovely.

Anonymous said...

haha so sweaty

Jo said...

anonymous in brisbane, i decided you're one of christopher robin. in which case this is my personal message to you to get a full length, come to america, and play for us!

Anonymous said...

The real Christopher Robin is already here in America! And yes it is his real name...Been blowing audiences minds for over a decade!