Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jag förstår inte

I've started teaching myself Swedish. Well ok so far I've learned the alphabet and pronunciation and then I had to take a break.

Hear what I studied: the Svenska alphabet

In English we have 5 1/2 vowels, but Swedish has 9, which makes things real confusing. Yet I'm told Swedish is one of the Category I languages, meaning it is close to English and therefore easier to learn. There are three categories, Category III being the hardest to learn, and includes Korean. Supposedly it takes almost two years of study, with one of those actually in the country. This makes me even more impressed with my brother Andy who, I think, became fluent in much less than a year.


Mike & Shelby said...

IS THERE AN END TO YOUR BRAIN CAPACITY! Swedish? Wow. Good for Andy, though!

Amber, Kent & Andy said...

so what prompted swedish:)

Hedorah said...

Vad kul, skriv till mig när du har förstått det här.
Ha det bra.

Jo said...

hedorah, i cheated and translated that right away. i will keep studying though. thanks!