Sunday, February 10, 2008

MGMT & Yeasayer, Feb 3 @ Kilby Court

A week in the lag on this post, but nonetheless.

MGMT, Yeasayer, and some crap local band who I'll refrain from naming played at Kilby Court last Sunday. Yeasayer blew me away. I was unsure of them based on their album, but I think it's just not the best recording quality or mixing or something because whoa. Live they are killer and I'd now say the album's good but you just don't get the full effect. They got the beats for sure and it inspired a few Sean Paul-style dance moves.

mp3: Yeasayer - Sunrise
mp3: Yeasayer - 2080

Update:  Yeasayer will be back with Man Man on 4/21 at In the Venue!

MGMT were adorable. Near the end they scampered outside for an impromptu snowball fight, then upon returning to the stage, they all sang along to "Kids" being played thru the soundsystem on one of their iPods. Why they didn't play it themselves, I'm not sure. But apparently after we left they sat around the fire in the courtyard at Kilby and played some more. That'll teach us to run off too quickly.

mp3: MGMT - Weekend Wars
Grab "Kids" at this previous post.

And in my tendency to see celebrity lookalikes, a few were spotted that night:

Charles Manson
Justin Bobby (The Hills)
Bam Margera
Eugene Mirman
Jared Leto

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