Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am without my power adapter and the toolbar on my computer has said 0% battery for the last half hour. Lappy must really want me to continue telling you about my sentimental week. Right now I'm maybe more excited than I've ever been to see somebody. I've been having these dreams where I race to meet and embrace my little brother, just like in a movie. I haven't seen Andy in over two years, though I've spoken to him four times on the phone and exchanged weekly emails. He's been teaching and serving as an LDS missionary in Korea, and tomorrow I get to pick him up from the airport. I'm so excited to see how he's changed and to have the fam back together. There's something about each of my siblings. Rosie and I have gender proximity. The whole sisterly bond thing. Matt and I have the age proximity, and all that time we got to spend together as the two oldest. Andy and I must have genetic proximity. I think we look the most alike and have the most similar personalities. He already has plans for us to start recording music together. And I've carefully compiled a playlist of what he's missed in the last two years (missionaries don't listen to secular music) on a cute new red ipod shuffle for him, which I will not let him detatch from himself until he gives me a detailed report back. I'm sure there will be more to come on our musical adventures.

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Dirk said...

Go Mormons! Go Korea! Welcome home Andy. You'll be fine. I swears. You will feel like a huge waste of space for a bit but it passes.