Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sing it, sing about that hygiene

I wash my feet and I feel so good. I brush my teeth and I feel so good. I clean my nose and I'm ready for my love affair.
mp3: Nôze - Love Affair

Do you ever read magazines where some famous person tells their beauty secrets? And do you think, What makes you so smart? And you imagine what stuff you'd talk about if you were the famous person. Well right now I'm pretending to be the famous person, just for fun, so I can tell you what my favorite health & beauty products are. Then in the comments you imagine you're the famous person and tell us all what's the what.

The softest, sweetest smelling moisturizer and not too thick. Really truly make your skin feel like velvet.

Egg white facial soap that supposedly sucks all the junk out of your skin when you let it dry on your face. Dirk got me hooked in this. No wonder it's so good for my pale and sensitive Scandinavian skin, it's made by old ladies in Sweden!

Obviously. Their pigments are the best, everything else just feels clowny. Studio Fix changed my life.

Frederik Fekkai
My potion is the color care shampoo plus glossing conditioner, glossing creme, and glossing spray. These days you can pick them up at Anthro and Bath & Body too.

Distilled H20
I swear the particles of crap in hard water gunk up in hair, so I rinse mine with distilled water. If it's good enough for your iron, it's good enough for your head.

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm
The simpleness of Vaseline, the soothiness of salve, the freshiness of mint. Always have to have it on the lips, plus it's useful for dry cuticles, knuckles, etc. etc. as is inevitable here in the desert.

Just don't think I can't be low maintenance. I can get down and dirty with the best of em and camp for a week with just water and a toothbrush. But then it feels so good to get clean and purty again.


Anne said...

I happen to be wearing minted rose lip balm at this very moment. It's the best.

A few other things I can't live without are:

Benefits Benetint for nice rosy cheeks and pinky lips

Bed Head Manipulator and Hard Head (I think that's what it's called). Making my short hair look like I haven't done a thing with it takes a lot of work!

MAC eyeshadows. They have the best staying power and such great pigments. I usually buy the special edition palettes when they come out every six months. They always have great shades and it's an awesome deal.

Crest Pure Peppermint toothpaste. I haven't found anything I'd rather brush my teeth with. It's so refreshing. I think they discontinued it though. Good thing I bought 5 boxes last time I was at the store!

Thanks for letting me feel like a rockstar for a minute!

Mike & Shelby said...

ohhhh, I love beauty tips! I think it's great that you rinse your hair with distilled water....isn't that cold? I'm pretty boring when it comes to my personal beauty. Suave for my shampoo, Aquafresh toothpaste, carmex to keep my lips kissable....pretty boring, huh? I was just thinking the eyeshadow I still have in my makeup kit is the one I bought for my wedding day....wowser!

But I can give tons of tips on baby care....I love Butt Paste for diaper rashes, Pamper diapers, Kirtland signature wipes, Gerber Grins and Giggles Aloe Vera wash-which isn't sold in UTAH!!! and Johnson and Johnson baby lotion.

....ummmm, maybe I should take some of your tips to heart!

Jo said...

oh i do love benetint too! and yeah, the distilled water at room temp is a little chilly but that's good for hair too. my mom actually uses that Gerber wash for her face because it's so gentle. i love that line--they come in such yummy, mild flavors.

amy said...

mostly i use soap and nyc water from the showerhead or faucet. you're so celebrity, jo thomas.