Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adventures in Utah County: Part II

2nd stop: Chadders in American Fork--the In-N-Out ripoff. In a blatant and spineless sort of way. But at least it got In-N-Out to finally expand. The burgers were good, but not as good as the real thing. Fries were pretty close. Until In-N-Out comes to SLC, I'll be satisfied with Crown Burger and Hires.

Then to Provo. We missed the D.I. this time around so off to Mode Boutique which gives those BYU kids a place to buy their Nudies and Cheap Mondays, as well as great local lines. And I always like their earrings and sunglasses. While there I picked up an Eliza magazine to flip through and to my shock, this is what I found.My dearly beloved Mitch! The whole store heard me freaking out about it. Kept flipping and saw several more girls I know from NYC. Deal is, this is Eliza magazine, based in California, targeting good little LDS girls who still like to be worldly. It's a pretty great idea. So because she knew someone who knew someone, and is adorable, Mitch ended up in it. Of course. She knows everybody.

Then to Coal Umbrella, concerning whom I hope to have some exciting news soon. They have a very impressive collection of Members Only jackets. Last stop of the night coming up...

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Mike & Shelby said...

We've been wanting to go check out Chadders. Mike loves In-N-Out. I say good for Chadders! In-N-Out doesn't own the hamburger! (Although, I will be excited when they come to SLC...they ARE good!) Isn't ALL fast food a spin off of one another anyway? Have you seen that Wendys now has vanilla and strawberry shakes? I knew that would happen one day.