Monday, May 19, 2008

NYC Part IV: Fiberosity

Obviously I did lots of shopping on NYC. Top on my list of new places to visit this time was Muji, the Japanese non-brand, where I got tons of modern office supplies. Another new and exciting stop: Purl Patchwork. Probably nobody in the state of Utah sells Liberty of London fabrics, and I am now obsessed. The patterns are just gorgeous and the cotton is so fine and soft. This is how they are displayed in Purl's tiny fabric store in Soho.
[image from]

They had that peacock print in black and pink, which I could only afford to buy half a yard of. I love that the girls running this fabric shop are young and super cool, not like the crotchety old ladies I sometimes run into in fabric shops. [edit: After a complaint I shall specify that many old ladies I run into in fabric shops are quite amiable.] Being that I've been making lots of stuff lately, I also had to make rounds in the garment fashion district. Got some vintagey silk organza at Mood and buttons & vintage ribbon at M&J. I just love the possibilities there.


Now what do you suppose I shall do with all of it?

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