Thursday, May 22, 2008

NYC Part VI: it's over!

Stretching out my NY post sure has made blogging easy. In honor of completeness, here's what I've neglected to mention about the trip.

Ate nummy food:
one last brekkie at Florent before it closes for good next month (sob!)
my first Shake Shack: maybe the best hamburger ever
Thai at Sea in Billyburg where the opening scene of Garden State was filmed

Sightings: (other than Christian)
Nole Marin (America's Next Top Model)
Ally and Tommy Hilfiger (couldn't care less about Tommy. But man I miss Ally and her rabbit teeth on Rich Girls. Remember the episode where she taught us how to tap the third eye?)

Coolest new museum with the worst art:
New Museum
Best thing there was the lime green corrugated elevator interiors.

Best roommates for the week, or, Mormons gentrifying Harlem:
Ashley, Becca, & obvs Amy

Here's a funny thing about Mormons in Harlem. During my visit we found out that a friend's husband had been writing a piece for BYU Magazine about the apartment I used to live in on 111th street. In talking to people he had figured out that Amy Middleton, Carlynne Cutler, and Jo Thomas had lived together. I'm not sure what the story was all about, something about how several other LDS kids lived in the building too and someone at one point started calling it Harleman Halls, a pun that would only make sense to those familiar with BYU student housing. One day in talking to the magazine people, he asked if the co-ed living in the story was ok, which it wasn't, so they put the kibosh on the article. Dear world, it's JO Thomas not JOE Thomas. Yeah, because of me a BYU mag article got tossed by the wayside. Or really because of assuming. Now that the misunderstanding is straightened out, we may eventually get to read what on earth all this was about in the first place.

So, yeah. Till next time, NY. And I swear I'll get some music up soon.

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