Tuesday, May 27, 2008

freakin hummingbird

This is the hummingbird that followed me inside the house Saturday. He tried to leave via the skylight. I tried to help him out, but finally gave up. I left the back door open for a while and when I didn't hear any more humming I thought he had found his way out. Until yesterday when Kayla found him in front of the tv, claws dug into the carpet. I guess he tried to get out thru the television. Hummingbirds are definitely not as smart as crows. Jory took Dead Hummingbird and soon will have a hummingbird skull necklace.


Jory Dayne said...

Ohhh, I am gonna get calls from Peta.

Tawny Reagan said...

Jo! Poor little guy... I once caught a hummingbird trapped in our house who finally just sat in my hand from exhaustion. It was so surreal seeing a hummingbird simply sit and breath, I assumed the rest of the world had actually just slowed down for a bit. He took off once I got him outside ;) I love your blog, it's by far the most interesting and dymamic blog that I frequent. Even though I don't comment much, and we only talk for real on average once a year, I'm always bonding with you on this site! You're so great, just want you to know I love you and am proud your my cous!

~ alison said...

Oh no! This breaks my heart. I love hummingbirds.