Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Of course, I forgot my camera at the dance partiest show ever. Just as well, I cannot be tied down when the beat moves me. The crowd was at perfect concentration last night at Urban Lounge for Walter Meego/The Presets, enough room to dance but tons of energy. Here are someone else's shots of the show from flickr. We've been waiting to see Walter Meego since back in More Than Milk's infancy when they started mailing us all sorts of goodies. Their first full-length album Voyager came out today, which I recommend buying for 7.99 with bonus tracks at iTunes. It's has just enough synth noise to make you delightfully uncomfortable and enough pop to stick with you, like in "Girls" when he sings bouncily, "everything I do, I do it for a girl, i do it for a girl..." Listen to several tracks from the new album here. Here's from the Romantic ep:

mp3: Walter Meego - Romantic
mp3: Walter Meego - Wanna Be a Star (Walter on Salva on Meego Remix)

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