Monday, June 23, 2008


I have been having some serious iTunes drama in which it would freeze when playing music from my external hard drive. I had just about convinced myself to get a new computer with a huge hard drive that would hold all my music. But reformatting the drive and uninstalling/reinstalling/rereinstalling iTunes seemed to be the cheaper option. So now I can finally access my music again. Hallelujah!

And a Hallelujah for new Radio Dept.! They'll have a new album, Clinging to a Scheme, out in September. Freddie & The Trojan Horse is the first single. It's scary how good The Radio Dept. is. I would make a movie to let them soundtrack it, I would get married to have them be my wedding band.

mp3: The Radio Dept. - Freddie & The Trojan Horse


Chels said...

Yes YAY Radio Dept.! I love them love them love them. Sigh.

Dirk said...

maybe we should make a movie on the radio dept. and attend a wedding in the movie. We can incorporate all of these things, no?