Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Electrospiracy: An open letter to The Knife

Dear Karin and Olof,

Really? Zeigeist and The Knife are unrelated? So you didn't just create a new band so you could make an easy dance record without comparison to your dark and creepy past work? When your record is leaked in the U.S. with a song tacked on the end by another band that sounds exactly like you, you don't care? Someone uses you, making the world think their song is by you so people will listen, and you do nothing. Except play that song at your rare live shows? Really? No, Karin and Olof, I believe you are not only the geniuses of The Knife, but you have masterminded Zeigeist as well. Both from Gothenburg, Sweden. Similar programming styles. You both just happen to like synth steel drums and vocal pitch manipulation? Both employ elaborate costumes, masks, and theatrical aesthetics, in the same town, and you aren't at least friends or enemies? Really. Karin, aren't the lyrics "I would let you taste my honey" just a veiled reference to your old band Honey Is Cool? We see through you.

Kind regards,

Around these parts, the consensus is that The Knife are pulling one over on us. Which wouldn't be a surprise, what with the mystery they have always loved to feed us. I know Zeigeist play live, and Karin is not on stage, but there is an explanation. Karin has a golem! Here is her animatron.There is probably a some info floating around in Swedish that I can't understand (yet) that explains all of this. But would I believe it? Someone who has some insider information, please clear up the mass confusosity. In the mean time, love Zeigeist as you love The Knife.

"Bunny" is incredible. Listen and tell me you don't believe the electrospiracy theory.

mp3: Zeigeist - Bunny

And the one we all thought was "F as in Knife" for a while, is in fact "Tar Heart" by Zeigeist.

mp3: Zeigeist - Tar Heart



som3rsault said...

i think zeigeist are thieves. listen to the last track dawn//night (the first and only one track i heared by them) and you hear theat they stole:
*the knife sound
*karins voice
*the melody of heartbeats
*the melody of a gorillaz song
*scissor sisters backing vocals
*kraftwerk sound

and even if karin and olof are involved, this is too much!

Anonymous said...

did the knife really play tar heart live?