Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Checking in from OC. I'm quite succeeding in having both Mexican and Yogurtland daily. Finally, I was able to see this Asian wonder of the frozen yogurt world Niccole had been freaking out about.


Here's why it's a banger.
1. Sleek, simple, clean, modern. Clear glass tiles, simple displays. Nutrition information is etched into a floor-to-ceiling clear glass panel.

2. Tons of flavors (almost all fat-free). Not just the tart ones like at those other trendy places, though there's plenty of those. Creamy goodness like cookies & cream and peanut butter. Authentic-tasting fruit flavors. And the toppings! Even Cocoa Puffs, mochi, and the freshest of fruit.

3. Affordable. Stuff yourself for 3 bones. For half the cost you get twice as much as at Pinkberry. Plus the large cups keep the toppings from spilling out.

and duh,
4. You serve yourself. Way more fun and way more efficient, plus it comes out perfect. If you want to try 14 flavors together, you can!

I tell you all this to make the case for my plea. Somebody please open a franchise in Salt Lake City! I'll make it easy for you. On, just click on "contact" and you'll see the franchise FAQ and application. Who's on it?



ashley said...

that place is the best!!!!!!!! and the mochi topping- yum.

we have no god softserve out here, so whoever makes one in slc can come here and make one too. thanks. Maegan said...

is it better than pinkberry? and is it real? I'm excited.

Reagan said...

Are there any in LA county? You've nearly convinced me to make the drive down past the "orange curtain" just to try this place out...

Mike & Shelby said...

OH, I didn't know they had different flavors-that is cool!