Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So much to talk about. Like how I:

was in the Herald Journal last week. They talked about my new shop.

am opening up a fabric shop called Suppose mit meine mutti, btw.

went to the state fair. Fried stuff, freaks, 4-H, and the Zipper.

am being featured in some Etsy newsletter this week.

But the blog hiatus goes on as I am at this moment in the car on to way to Cabin! See you next week, bitches.


ashley said...

do friends get hook ups with that new shop of yours. this could be dangerous.

Mike and Shelby said...

fried stuff... I so wanted a deep fried twinkie. (Is that a heart attack waiting to happen or what!?!)

Still wanted one.

Brooke said...

you make me laugh.

awesome about your shop. do tell more when you can.

Mrs. Bennett said...

So - where's the shop located and when will it open? How exciting!