Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more pretty

I use igoogle as my homepage. Maybe you too. It's a handy little thing to have my email, rss feeds, site stats, movies times, etc. etc. etc. all together for constant checking. Plus the artist themes make it pleasing to the eye. But you can only stare at an artsy drawing of sellotape or the same Swedish fashion lineup for so long. Well they've finally added new ones and and they are awesome.

A little Radiohead?
Or my current pick, Stella McCartney. Plus, the Keff Koons one has been updated with new photos.

I am pleased by little things.


Stephanie said...

Fun! So a new way to know if you've made it in the pop culture/art world is if you get some google homepage art.

Kurt said...

I hadn't heard until you said that now iGoogle has Radiohead.

Uh. I'll go back to mostly lurk.