Sunday, September 28, 2008

utah doesn't suck.
i swear.

Amber and I had heard about some place in Draper called Pirate O's that was supposed to be Utah's version of Trader Joe's. Such a bold claim had to be investigated.

Despite our wariness and their ridiculous name, we were impressed. It was a relief to see that they weren't a sad knock off, Chadders style, but a well-stocked international market with local charm, including

an entire wall of hot sauces
hot hot

a cold room with cheeses galore
mmm cheese galore

and Irn Bru! Praise tartan.
irn bru in utah!

We continued our exploration of unsucky Utah, heading to the new Sunflower Farmers Market across the street from Fashion Place. In three words: decent produce, cheap.

Then to Red Butte Garden which none of us had visited before and where

little Andy licked this rock fountain

and I got obsessed with these huge leaves that look like they're quilted.
quilted leaves

mp3: The Concretes - Under Your Leaves

What to investigate next, Ams?


niall said...

So you're totally going to take us to there when we visit in November then, right? Probably en route to the DI in Provo so we can make a fun day of it. Right? Right?

Stephanie said...

Are those hosta leaves? If you come visit you can have all you want from our yard. And why is your blog the FIRST I've heard about Matt getting engaged? How exciting!

Mike and Shelby said...

yes, buy a ped egg, you will be amazed.

yes, we need to hang out again soon.

I am so glad you checked out Pirate-O's. I miss Trader Joes terribly. Glad to hear it is worth going.

I like Sunflower Market too. (Well, I, personally, have never been there, but my mom goes and brings me stuff from there all the time...does that count?)

and I love that you are brave enough to take random pictures of things like a wall of hot sauce and yummy cheeses! That is so cool.

Jo said...

niall: right, right.

niall said...


Anonymous said...

Watch for the turkey-shaped butter at Pirate-O's. It sells out fast! For the decorator in you, have you gone to Tai Pan Trading? Cheap prices!
Love ya,