Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

from the warmth of OC. It's good to get away from the snow for a minute.

Starting a business, having the holidays, having a chronically ill mom, and spilling yogurt on your camera thus ruining it, make for a bad blogger. I barely even listen to any music. I think I am foregoing the year-end best-of brouhaha since I've probably blogged all my favorite music this year already.

But here's the current status of our shop. We are still not open because we decided to buy a building and renovating. This is what we look like for now.

Suppose: coming soon


Jess said...

Jo, you're wonderful! So you bought the whole building? I guess that's a good way to do it your way and the right way ;) I have a card coming your way... a little late. I sent it to Idaho Preston, Is that right?

Jo said...

cool! yeah i get stuff in slc and in preston.

Mike and Shelby said...

Exciting! You have been busy!