Wednesday, June 10, 2009


it's late and i need to sleep but i just wanted to say hi. hi, internets. sometimes you break my heart. i hope tomorrow you decide to play nice.

so guess what. i went to pittsburgh. you should read about it at suppose. (but don't look at my hideous hair. it's cut now.) then i went to chicago and wisconsin. for the record, madison wisconsin is totally dope. next, oc. then lalalondon.

i'm just putting it out there that i am rooting for kupono on sytycd. also, you should watch southland. it's super intense and the best cop show in years. and especially interesting having grown up watching the l.a. news every night. plus little ryan atwood is grown up all strong and protecting you with a gun.

being about to sleep and all, there are no mp3s or even links here, but you should still totally listen to
the new phoenix
the kitsune maison 7 mix
and some other stuff that maybe i'll blog about later.

just because i don't blog doesn't mean i don't miss you.

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