Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was in Santa Barbara a couple weeks ago for a wedding. Since I was in the neighborhood, I took some wedding flowers and went to Neverland Ranch to pay my respects to MJ.

This place is seriously in the middle of nowhere, people. Like 3 hours from LA. On the way there I saw... not Neverland.

not neverland

Security said the media had cleared out in the last couple days. That's where security hangs out.
security at neverland

The shrine had taken over the entire entrance to the property and then some.
neverland ranch

It was 9pm and a constant stream of people, of all sorts.
mf forever

The house is 2 miles in from the entrance, so these brick walls are really all there are to see.
king michael

It was probably a good thing I went as I'd been kind of obsessing and it got MJ out of my system. Or back to the usual baseline amount that's in my system.


Mike and Shelby said...

I am married to an MJ fan. So we've been hearing lots of MJ tunes around here of late. Glad to personally know someone who got to pay their respects at Neverland. :)

Jennifer said...

HA!!!!!! You actually went!!! I'm jealous. Too bad I couldn't go with you. I thought of going the whole time I was in Pismo. :) It was so great seeing you. Lots of love to you and MJ!